Eclipse PDT 1.0.3

    On June 10, the Eclipse PDT was updated a week and a half late from the scheduled time.
    This release is considered the stage of closing bugs for the most part.

    PDT All-in-One is available on the download page .

    Some useful additions

    I have long wanted to note some useful additions that I use with PDT.


    Project page
    SVN client . In my opinion, a more successful implementation of features than in the version of Subclipse from .


    Project Page A
    great tool for testing and debugging regular expressions.


    IDE project page supporting JavaScript formatting. It supports connection and collaboration with some js frameworks: ExtJS, YUI, SilverLight, jQuery, etc.


    Project page
    An indispensable add-on that synchronizes mutable files from Workspace to specified locations on your file system. Very useful and convenient when working with SVN or CVS.

    Smarty PDT

    Project page
    Syntax highlighting Smarty template statements

    MySQL jConnector driver

    Driver download page
    A driver connector for connecting to a MySQL database from Eclipse.
    Just download the Jar file and in the settings
    Preferences> Connectivity> Driver definitions> MySQL> XX (Version of your server)> MySQL JDBC Driver
    connect to it. And now - you have the opportunity to join the database, watch its structure, data, generate DDL.

    For starters, perhaps all.

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