ICQ on iPhone

    About a week ago, I bought myself an iPhone. Naturally, I immediately wanted to download ICQ. I didn’t care what, if only I worked. In the repository I found only Apollo, downloaded. He entered the username and password, tried to connect. But he said that the wrong server, and for some reason I could not change this field. Then I remembered that there is a thing called Fring, and that they also keep ICQ besides VoIP. Added repository fring.com/iphone.xmland downloaded. Everything worked, I was pleased. But by the evening of the next day, all my contacts on my iPhone disappeared! I thought, what a glitch, I came home, synchronized with tuna, everything is in place. But the next day they again disappeared = (. Having scanned the forum on iphones.ru, I realized that it was all because of fring and took it down. And I began to think about how to deal with ICQ. I remembered about meebo.com, but after 5 minutes, I realized that it’s not that .. Since I am a web programmer, it was easier for me to write some kind of web ICQ, but first I searched the network for what was already available:

    Meebo (http://www.meebo.com) : Yahoo !, MSN, GTalk, AIM, ICQ
    Trillian Astra (http://www.astra.im/iphone/): Yahoo !, MSN, GTalk, AIM, ICQ
    JiveTalk (http://iphone.beejive.com) : Yahoo !, MSN, GTalk, AIM, ICQ
    Mundu IM (http://iphone.mundu.com): Yahoo !, MSN, GTalk, AIM
    eBuddy (http://www.ebuddy.com): Yahoo !, MSN, AIM
    Heysan (http://m.heysan.com): MSN, AIM, ICQ
    Tinybuddy IM (http://tybyim.com/): AIM
    FlickIM (http://www.flickim.com): AIM
    iPhoneChat (http://davidcann.com/im/): AIM
    IM + for Skype (http://www.skypeforiphone.com): Skype
    CommunicationTube (http: //communicationtube.com/): ICQ, MSN, IRC, GTalk

    Having tried a few, I decided that they were all heavy and their developers too wanted them to "integrate" into the OS X design, so much that they often parted, and sometimes even Safari crashed.
    As a result, I decided to do, or rather redo my web_ICQ, since there were already achievements.
    So another web-icic client appeared:

    web_ICQ: (http://webicq.ath.cx/): ICQ

    Also popular now: