Information pressure

    Now they talk more about how not to live. And how to live - you must understand for yourself ...

    Every day, hour, minute, second we get information from the outside world. This information is different, very different ... But all of it can be divided into two groups: the necessary (or useful information) and unnecessary (useless and harmful) information.

    We are afraid to miss something interesting and useful, but at the same time we often look for an “information key” in a huge pile of “information dirt” - we analyze, study. By the way, the visual load over the past 100 years has grown 20 times. Information puts pressure on us, changing our thinking, worldview, our attitude towards others.

    Information - very different - confuses us. We filter it poorly and do not have time to process it. As a result, information stress, information dependence and more serious consequences.

    Exit: protect yourself from sources of intrusive information (turn off the TV and computer, at least for a while) and switch to new channels (for example, take a walk in the woods).

    Indicative figures:
    - in 2007, according to the IDC study, 281 billion GB (281 exabytes) of digital information or 45 GB of information per each inhabitant of the planet was created and copied in the world. This is more than the assessment made in 2006. Moreover, the amount of “digital shadow” (information generated about people automatically) for the first time exceeded the amount of information created by people on their own.
    - According to forecasts, by 2011 the size of the digital universe will be 1.8 zettabytes (1800 exabytes) ...

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