Sending SMS Via Jabber

    The title more than ever accurately describes what will be discussed in a post :)

    UPD. The issue price is 8 Singapore cents per SMS message.
    UPD The issue price will fall !

    What is it and How to Get Started?

    1. This service allows you to send SMS from your Google Talk IM client , Gmail client or other Jabber clients, for example Gajim .
    2. It is assumed that you already have a Google Talk ID (for example, test gmail .com) or another Jabber ID (for example
    3. Now, register an account on this site using your Google name (test gmail .com - including gmail .com ) or another jabber name as your username , but use a different password . You will receive a free 0.3 cents per account to check the system.
    4. Add a new contact to the roster to which sms will be sent. (see example below).
    5. For example, if your friend’s number is +12345678900, then you should add as a new contact. Note: Do not use the '0' or '+' prefix for the mobile number .
    6. Send a message to this new contact and he will see it as a regular SMS.
    7. When the SMS is sent, you will receive a notification about the status of the account. And if the SMS reaches the subscriber, then you will see a delivery report.
    8. If you want your mobile number to be displayed to the recipient, please send your phone number and username to and we will be able to provide you this opportunity.
    9. If you are advanced user, you will find that "Service Discovery" is supported. Do service discovery on and see what is there. (if you are an advanced user, you still understand the previous sentence).
    10. Technical Support Email -

    What’s good:
    • Sends sms to xmpp :) It can be useful for industrial use in all kinds of web dvannolnosti.
    • Newsletter to all (?) Countries of the world. At least where there is already a mobile connection.
    • Test SMS came in the national language (Russian).
    Not very good:
    • SMS cost = 8 Singapore cents. That in terms of wooden = 1.4 rubles. Cheaper than opsos, but more expensive than web gates.
    Very bad:
    • Payment only through PayPal. But if we already decided to use it on an industrial scale, then this will not become a problem

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