WebHiTech contest: two months on the go

    You - yes, here you are,% username% - the web developer of the client side. You make good sites, showing respect for all three pillars on which the ideology of modern web standards is based: code validity; concept of separation of content and presentation; semantics of markup. I’m saying right, right?

    But then why ... Why are you ... yes, yes, personally, you have not submitted a single application for the WebHiTech contest , designed to identify the best sites in RuNet created using modern web standards? Why do people for whom the 21st century has not yet come who send websites to tables using infinite visual elements and HTML attributes and who still don’t really understand why a document type declaration is needed?
    Of course, we reject such applications as we are exhausted. Well, the average level of nominees, what can I say, has grown significantly over the past month . Exactly a month ago, we had 80 applications. Today - exactly 80 selected nominees. Feel the difference? Such is the symbolism of numbers.
    But anyway ... Few, endangered few among the nominees for the site contest, which captivated the feelings of our jury with the unearthly beauty of the code, stunning design and indescribable usability.
    Oooh! We have been accepting applications for the competition for exactly two months ! Yes, yes, today just two months have passed since the day when the competition was launched. True, there are still almost four months ahead of the nomination stage, but you see, it will be summer, the season of vacations, trips to the country and other pleasures - who will remember, sunbathing in the sun, about the Internet and some kind of web standards ...
    P. S. Oh yes. If someone wants to support our competition (well, just like that, in terms of spiritual breadth), then from here you can take specially drawn buttons for this case.

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