About Flickr and fast uploading photos to the network from Ubuntu

    For a long time I was looking for the most convenient way to upload photos to the Internet. Periodically I heard about the site Flickr.com. I decided to try it.

    Having visited flickr.com while trying to register, it turned out that you need to have an account on yahoo.com. Well, it's okay, the flickr registration service redirected to the yahoo registration page, and then returned it. Delov for a couple of minutes.
    E-mail from yahoo, by the way, is pretty nice, but gmail as the main mail is not a hunt for him.

    After I successfully registered, I uploaded the first photo. The interface turned out to be very convenient. You can perform a bunch of different actions on photos, from rotations and scaling to the built-in flash editor in which you can do quite complex things.
    Photos can be grouped into Sets (such as local groups, if I may say so) and Groups (as I understand it, these are general photo groups until I used them). You can assign tags to each photo.
    I especially liked the opportunity to give links to the picture depending on its size, very quickly and simply.

    After playing enough with the site, I decided to simplify the process of uploading photos. For this, I installed the Postr program .

    sudo apt-get install postr

    The program is simple to horror, it simply does not have anything superfluous. Its sole purpose is to upload files to flickr. You add a photo or several at once, specify the name, description, tags, sets and upload to the site.

    After that, I remembered that I recently installednautilus-actions-config . There was a reason to try it.

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

    Going to nautilus-actions-config (System-Parameters-Setting actions in Nautilus), created a new action, specifying the following properties:
    Menu Item & Action Nautilus Menu Item
    Label: upload to Flickr ...
    Tooltip: Upload to Flickr
    Action Path: postr
    Parameters:% d /% f

    After that, an additional item “upload to Flickr ...” appeared in the drop-down menu on the right mouse button.

    Now, to upload a photo on the network, it takes me a couple of seconds
    PS My first post Habré, do not judge strictly :)

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