Microsoft Big and Small Plans

    In the video you can see the implementation of the multitouch interface in the new Microsoft OS - Windows 7, which is expected to be released in 2010. The next version of Windows will be based on the core of Windows Server 2008. As with the styluses for portable devices, we predict the death of the mouse. All manipulations will be carried out, as they say, with bare hands.

    The other day, Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer showed the capabilities of the new operating system. The demonstration took place at the annual conference D: All Things Digital. You can read more about this demo here , for example .

    And yesterday, Steve Ballmer gave a short interview to the Vedomosti newspaper

    about new gadgets.
    - This year we will begin shipping Surface PC (a computer with touch controls built into a small table. - "Vedomosti"). So yes, we will continue to develop new devices.

    about the portable player market
    - We just have not yet found a formula that would allow us to achieve the same success as Apple.

    about the future of IT
    - You came for an interview and took a piece of paper [to make notes]. In about ten years, everything will be on electronic screens, which will be as thin and light as paper, and connected to the Internet. You will make notes on them, and your editor, if he wants, will be able to look [at these screens] and instantly send you his comments.

    Full interview here

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