25% of projects do not fit the budget, 31% - on time

    Every fourth web project does not fit into the budget allocated to it, and in almost every third case, developers can’t finish the deadline. Such gloomy statistics revealed a new study conducted by New Bamboo, which is engaged in software development on Ruby on Rails. The survey involved about a hundred IT managers and company directors.

    The main reason for such disorder is called too many parties participating in the project and wanting to influence it. And this despite the fact that about half of web projects are created by the company's own IT department and only 28% are outsourced.

    The unsightly picture of web development is complemented by other figures. It turns out that even after all approvals, possible additional financing and an extension of the deadline of 21%, the project still does not meet the requirements of the customer. Sad numbers are saved not only for large, but also for very small projects. The situation is aggravated if the customer demands to complicate the project and add fashionable modern technologies to it: social networks, e-commerce applications, Web 2.0 features.

    According to experts, in the process of developing the project, it is necessary to conduct as many meetings as possible with the participation of all interested parties, with constant verification and testing, in order to control that the project is proceeding on schedule and absolutely meets the stated requirements.

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