NewsGator Added Perpetual APML File

    The concept of the APML standard is that it allows you to share your “attention profile” data (your tastes and interests) with other users, organizations, or applications, just as you could share your OPML file with someone.

    At the moment, there are a large number of applications that already use the APML standard , but the data is exported manually, like OPML . One such is the NewsGator RSS reader . By adding this function, access to your “attention profile” can now be obtained using one single individual and permanent URL, and separately for each data channel.

    Data integration has been simplified, and a mechanism has been provided through which you can expand the capabilities of third-party applications that can use the NewsGator API to synchronize the service within their tasks. The user can open or close the data for viewing in other applications.

    In fact, this is a big step forward in trying to monetize services using targeting, but using data from the “attention economy”.

    via The Social Trend

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