IT people get fat

    A recent study by CareerBuilder, a job search site, found that America’s IT staff is rapidly gaining weight. Every second IT specialist admitted that he gained weight in his current job. This exceeds the average for all occupations. Every third IT person gained more than five kilograms, and every sixth - more than ten kilograms. The last figure looks especially intimidating.

    Analysts still can not understand why information technology contributes to weight gain and why this trend has intensified recently. Perhaps the reason for this is an increasingly sedentary lifestyle in connection with the improvement of remote control systems (for example, now admins do not have to constantly run to the server room), as well as the widespread practice of free dinners in modern dot-coms (legends are already circulating about regular Google chef cooks).

    However, not everything is so bad. As the study showed, there are two industries where they get fat even faster than in high-tech: this is the banking sector and the state apparatus.

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