The Internet. Finland and military service

    Internet addiction seems to be officially recognized as a serious illness. In Finland, people suffering from this ailment are no longer called up for military service.

    Just a few minutes ago, I heard on the radio a question in some kind of competition - "Why isn’t they taking me to the army in Finland?"
    Answer options:
    1. Flat feet
    2. Internet addiction
    3 *
    * - I do not remember, because I immediately decided to check the information and share it with the residents of the habr :)

    According to Reuters, the Finnish Ministry of Defense decided to exempt conscripts suffering from Internet addiction from service in the country's armed forces. In Finland, the acquisition of the national army is carried out on a draft basis, the service life is six months.

    The grounds for such a decision of the Finnish military commissars are more than weighty: the doctors found that the young men, having parted with their computers, endured separation too hard. “For people sitting on the Internet all night, having no other hobbies or friends, joining the army is too hard a blow,” said the head of the conscript service, captain of the third rank Jyrki Kivela. He said that patients will be granted a delay of three years - it is quite possible that during this time they will find the strength to overcome their ailment and become operational.

    Official data on the number of victims of such an ailment as internet addiction are not given in Finland. In 2003, 26.5 thousand people were subject to draft in Finland. 9% of them were discharged for medical reasons. But the Finnish military does not make a special problem out of this. “We are very proud of Finnish men,” said Kivela. “82% of Finns are fully fulfilling their military duty.”

    Source: Cnews

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