We make TIKR.ru - an analogue of Google / Yahoo Finance

    For a couple of years, I heard from my friends perplexed questions about when a service would appear in Russia that would talk about the dynamics and stock prices of Russian companies, just like the Western financial portals Google Finance and Yahoo Finance do in their markets. Well, well - the wait is very short.

    Today I invite good and interested habra-people to participate in testing
    TIKR.ru , a service that can solve the problems of searching, analyzing and presenting information about Russian stocks using interactive flash graphics.

    According to its technological capabilities, TIKR.ru is similar to the mentioned services. The main difference from foreign counterparts is that the focus is on companies whose shares are traded on the largest exchange in Russia - the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX). Here, for example, today is a chart comparing potential investments in RBC (blue) and Armada (red) over the past three months:
    Comparison of investments in RBC and Armada for three months
    I am especially interested in comments from the habrasociety, since I assume that with the upcoming listing of leading Russian companies on the exchanges, the interest of Internet users in investments will grow rapidly. Therefore, as a team, I am promoting the implementation of the most modern solutions in the style of web 2.0. For example, while I have never seen the obvious application of a cloud of tags (tags) to display tickers; the ticker size reflects the size of the change in price relative to yesterday's closing price; accordingly, red indicates a fall, and green - an increase in quotes. Maybe this solution is intuitively incomprehensible, and therefore it has not been applied before? (By the way, in China, for example, colors are perceived exactly the opposite.)

    I welcome any comments and suggestions that will make the service better and, for my part, offer an experimental (more advanced) version of the project for active tester users. Logging into TIKR.ru for external users has only recently been allowed. So do not judge strictly - oshi n BCI are available, but we will correct them as quickly as the strength of our small team will help. Thank you in advance!

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