Blabnote: The First Pure Voice Social Network

    Experts agree that the next breakthrough in the social networking market will occur on a mobile platform. At the same time, it is clear that typing on mobile phones is very difficult, and it is unlikely that this problem will ever be solved. Keyboards are inconvenient in nature: they have no place in the future, even Bill Gates says .

    The future belongs to new types of interfaces. The most natural is the voice interface. In this sense, the new English startup Blabnote looks like an exclusively futuristic project that is far ahead of its time.

    Blabnote (currently closed beta) is the first exclusively voice-activated social network in the world, the work of which is carried out through a mobile phone and only by voice. To log in to the service, you just need to call a special number from your phone. The system recognizes the number and logs in automatically.

    All commands in the service are entered by voice, including creating new collective blogs (communities), adding and deleting friends, reading new posts and much more - an almost complete assortment of a standard social network. To recognize a set of commands, a fantastic speech recognition system is not required at all. Quite enough of the developments that are available today. Recognizing the voice for translation into text is also not required, because messages can be stored simply in sound files.

    via Techcrunch

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