CNGeoip is a geography module, what it is, what to eat with, how to test ...

    A software product that allows you to determine the city of the Internet user by IP address - CNGeoip. The product is a binary database containing the distribution of all IP addresses by city, country, region and a program interface for working with the database. All geographical names are available in Latin (global standard and spelling), national language and Russian.

    Using CNGeoip, the owner of an Internet resource or service can determine which city the visitor came from and respond accordingly, for example, say “Hello to Murmansk!” Or “Our nearest service / store / branch in Yekaterinburg is located at ...”. Information on the city and country of the visitor acquires special significance when advertising targeting, when analyzing the statistics of site visits. Thus, resource owners can more accurately position their goods and services, receive additional profit. Therefore, potential customers are almost all owners of Internet resources.

    Well, as I promised, I will throw a link to habranodroda to the full distribution of the current version of the geography module CNGeoip. The link is "ex-approved" in about a week.
    link is valid until 2008-05-28 20:19
    A full description of the module is on our website

    # Contains Russian and English, some cases of national (Kyiv) names of cities, regions and countries;
    # Examples included in the distribution package will accelerate application development;
    # Minimum system requirements - the interface works directly with a binary database file;
    # Elementary installation - just copy the base and API files to your website in any directory;
    # High speed - up to 500 calls per second;
    # Autonomy and security - the module is stored on your site and does not access external sources during operation.

    Why throw - for feedback, criticism and PR additional. Why it is not a pity - why not a pity - of course it is a pity. But in fact, the module has value only with constant updating (at least once a month). Networks change quite often. And the main value here is not even a product, but the technology we developed for it.

    Now our company is looking for an investor (do you know such?) For the development of the module, learning to work with investors. It was the search for new information, the search for recommendations from more experienced colleagues, that led me to the geek magazine There is also a desire to share its experience in creating and developing software products in a metered way.

    Well, sort of for the first post and that's enough :)

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