Provincial Portfolio

    I have already shown some of our work. Well, here's another one - our own website.

    Probably we need to tell why: firstly we wanted to create a non-blog blog, all the same we are not scribblers, secondly we wanted to make an intranet so that all employees were in the subject, thirdly we wanted to become completely open, because there is nothing to hide.
    The first was decided by such dies, which are configured depending on the desire of the moderator and the established era (the era sets the main color) and all sorts of backgrounds, pictures. To make it more fun.
    Second decided that post all employees, only a subset of records visible after avtorizatsii.Dlya employee history stavnovitsya better :)
    ThirdIt was decided by itself. On one page, our whole story is like annual rings by a tree or like a picture that appears to an archaeologist during excavations. History ...

    Have a nice scrolling! (

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