Web 2.0 and Business Card Sites

    In our region, modern web and custom sites are completely different universes with virtually no overlap.

    Advanced web developers and users have blogs, use services like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc. In personal projects, they use "fashionable" chips like tags, microformats, AJAX, integration with social networks, etc.

    At the same time, the sites that these same developers make to order for customers, in the vast majority of cases out of the whole variety of modern technologies, can boast RSS at best, and in fact do not differ from sites of the sample of the 90s. The customer, as a rule, owns the Internet at the level of free mail and “classmates”.

    I have this "watershed" ate already at the level of the subcortex. Is it correct?

    Do you offer customers to apply modern technologies and services?

    If so, what and why, how do you present? Are there any successes? Rake?

    * I hate the combination of "Site-card" :)

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