Cyber ​​warfare, large guns, cool interfaces, the blood of enemies - what else is needed for happiness?

    The background to this story was set back in 2005 , to be precise - September 21 . On this day, the South Korean government officially announced the launch of a robot development program for soldiers.
    Judging by the images, the South Korean government does not have any imagination at all, and they never heard of the Terminator . But that's not the point.

    With this statement, the entire world’s population has become one more small step closer to technological armageddon, the arrival of Skynet or Architect at the head of an administrative (I must say - pretty bureaucratized) structure.

    But returning to the topic of Korea - a joint project of the ministries of Defense and Information and Communications involves the creation of an army of six- or eight-limb kilobots to do work in which we are too good.

    These full-sized, insect-like robots will shy away from battlefields, finding mined areas and using firepower to send ailments to the forefathers. By design.

    Shortly after February 17 , in a popular ( in narrow circles ) New York Times newspaper , a review note was published on the Pentagon’s goal of making the majority (> 50%) of the country's military force mechanized for 10 years.
    Naturally, the modern concept of " army of robots"In fact, it is still very far from human-like, high-tech killing machines from the point of view of technology, and twice as far from the point of view of the artificial intelligence, which is so necessary in this entertainment. However, now there are several robots in the arsenal of the US Department of Defense that neutralize bombs and other explosive compounds, and sniffing all around (the latter are used extensively in Iraq, as well as the caves of Afghanistan).

    Toy, embodied in the figure - is a prototype robot TALON initially. n was a modest boy (?) and was engaged only mine, but the US military forces that was not enough and they are picking up files, provided him with four 66-mm rockets , six 40mm grenades, as well as an automatic machine gun M240 or M249 - to choose from. Now this killer is intended for escorting especially dangerous equipment and patrolling the area. Management is carried out with the remote control.
    The next step was the launch of the Sentinel project , sponsored by the ubiquitous US government. These cuties ( iRobots - have nothing to do with Apple, although what the hell doesn’t joke) do not know how to vacuum floors or wash dishes, in truth - devices cannot do nichrome at all . We are interested in the device from a different point of view - a flock of such semi-automatic robots can be controlled from one Tablet-pc , for example.

    Unfortunately, at the moment they are fulfilling quite peaceful tasks: practicing behavior on the ground, detecting hostile structures and the like of boredom. But there is no doubt - they will attach a large barrel to them. A flamethrower is better, yeah.

    The next milestone of development is a statement by the government of the distant country of India, May 18, 2006 , about its intention to create a mechanized army. After the grand opening of the Defense Research and Development Organization, the official launch of the next generation technologies in the field of camouflage, movement and guidance systems was officially announced.(I will sob if the Indians are the first to invent a costume a la Crysis). However, the Indian press release was extremely stingy on the details, although it is known that the impetus for the beginning of such developments was the realization of the possibility of aggressive actions on the part of other states . Really.

    But I did not start this conversation in order to discuss the caliber of machine guns or the number of victims of international conflicts, no-fi-ga .

    Since the idea of ​​" electronizing " the defense industry is now stronger than ever - sooner or later a structure should have appeared on the stage that would be engaged in the development of virtual space .
    Remember the interface in the costume of Iron Man? Or the gate control system of Zion ? This is precisely what the Agency for Advanced Defense Research Projects (DARPA) is trying to create . National Cyber ​​Range , this is the name of the project that is currently being developed, will serve, first of all, as a virtual training ground for future cyber warriors.

    In addition to remote control of robots, there is another, no less important, goal. This is the development of various options for responding to computer attacks and attacks on valuable information from government agencies.

    That is, in fact, the development of a virtual environment terminator has already begun , which a person will immerse into by connecting to the matrixthe main senses to the computer interface.

    We are waiting - we will not wait.

    via Dvice

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