Do not want to work with your company because of simplification?

    Sometimes you come across such managers or accountants on the side of customers who say: "Ahhh, you have a simplification." And make a sour face. Say, because of your simplification, they will not receive a VAT refund, 18% of the cost.

    This question in 90% of cases is solved by a proper conversation with the customer.

    You say: “If we were not working on a simplification, then our price of 1,000,000 rubles would add another 18% VAT, and you would pay 1180,000 rubles, and then you would wait for the state to return 180,000 rubles of VAT to you. Working with us, you do not pay the extra 18% and then do not wait for their return, this money works for you, and does not hang out in your pocket. ”

    And then a wonderful transformation takes place, and adequately descends on the heads of accountants, financial directors and managers.

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