I looked at the main WebOS (more precisely, even Webtop) and here are my thoughts.
    As I understand it, it is all written in flash.
    JS, valid XHTML, valid CSS.
    quirks mode.
    Stupid taskbar, however widgets delight.
    A fairly convenient and beautiful interface, but there is no selection of folders on the desktop, and the transfer of one letter in the folder names. The eyeOS button is almost in the middle of the screen. No Rightclick processing.
    Not the most beautiful option, but there are folder allocation, Rightclik and Doubleclik processing. No scaling or at least scrol. At 800 * 600, or with a large number of toolbars in Firefox, some shortcuts "climb out" of the access zone.
    Games are stolen from miniclip.com. Otherwise, a good selection of utilities: Email client, address book, IM. However, file storage is beta. So this is more of one big widget than Webtop. There is no task manager.
    Pleased with the classic "Prince of Persia", "Sonic", "Chess", "Solitaire". In general, in terms of functionality, the OS resembles an OS for mobile devices. There is an aggregator, calendar, text editor, notes. There is also group access for eyeShare. There is a process manager. Drag'n'drop shortcuts are also supported. Surprised but also pleased with the built-in browser.
    Own IRC server, process manager? text editor with export to PDF, IM. There is drag'n'drop.
    Pretty slow to load.
    It loads quickly, it requires only Flash. OpenSource, therefore, can be supplemented and fixed.
    It takes a long time to load / However, I did not see anything except HTML and JS. It's nice.

    I did not consider Desktoptwo for a banal reason - I could not log in. Although, apparently, a pretty powerful little thing with its player and the like.
    Xin is still in development, but I did not like their page in chopped type, so I don’t plan to return there.
    Of all the above, I continue to use only eyeOS. This is a compromise between convenience, functionality and design.

    But like, I think, all of you are waiting for GoogleOS. Soon I will write about her.

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