Not. Today I will not gut the sickles in search of mistakes and absurdities. And I will not even analyze them for their adequacy to search queries. For I am philosophical, and verbs will act as requests. Only verbs without nouns. Not “buy an apartment,” namely, “buy.” But what to buy? What do we want to buy in general? This we will find out ...

    Why is that? But because the quantitative analysis of queries to the search engine is somewhat one-sided. In my opinion, the abstract analysis of issuance is more interesting, because requests are very dynamic in nature, and issuance is more thorough, ideally it shows what people need constantly. This is not Paris Hilton or Eurovision. It seemed to me that the cut of search results, distorted by the actions of various promoters and optimizers, gives a more thorough picture of people's interests, which I will try to make out.

    In this case, we don’t have to wait for adequate results from the search engine, because they can be too blurry, so I don’t expect them, and in fact I don’t need them. Simply, I’ll try to create a certain portrait of the society in which we live and work, through the results of the search engine Yandex. The list of keywords that I’ve compiled that I found interesting will help us with this. Perhaps they will seem idiotic to you ... But the list of requests:

    * Buy
    * Sell
    * Find
    * Get
    * Steal
    * Sit down
    * Score So what?

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