Suggestion - can make it possible to edit comments?

    I think the idea is not new at all. Yes, I clearly understand why the ability to change comments has been removed. But! I do not urge anyone to make the ability to edit old posts since that would be very stupid.
    I just ask you to make editing within 1-3 minutes after leaving a comment. Only if you need to fix the error. It can be both a simple typo (at the same time, I use both hands to ensure that before sending each habrayuzer watch what he wrote), and a glitch of the engine; or inaccuracy of the type of incorrect link.
    Once again, this is not a substitute for the rule "before sending - check", but anything can happen , nevertheless people are here, not um ... bots) I think that from this hub it will only become more convenient to read, and there will be no minuses.

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