Portable web server

    Hello, dear Habr-people.

    I thought about the question:
    How can web developers develop if they have to work on different computers?

    Not to raise the web server on every computer and not to synchronize all the projects every time, so of course it is also possible, but I'm a lazy person.
    So I got the idea to build a web server on a flash drive, because it’s more convenient:
    • no need to install the web server many times
    • no need to synchronize project files, they will huddle on the same flash drive
    • you can work on any computer, if only WindowsXP is installed on it (it has not been tested on other Windows, but I think that WinNT will work on everything) (don’t kick me hard, but I work on Windows, tried it in nixes, I liked it, but everything I’m a user there, but I’m not a call admin :))
    • he doesn’t make any global changes to the running OS (while copying the hosts file, and even then temporarily, after stopping the server everything returns to its place, well, it copies the libmysql.php library, but I think it has not harmed anyone yet)
    • probably some more, but I didn’t think about it :)

    Quite a prelude, I give you a review of my homemade web server:
    Download version 0.1.1 from Narod.Disk (60.7 Mb)
    It consists of:
    • Apache2.2 (used distribution apache_2.2.8-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi)
    • php5 (used distribution php-5.2.5-Win32.zip)
    • mysql-5.0 (used distribution of mysql-noinstall-5.0.51b-win32.zip)
    • phpMyAdmin (used phpMyAdmin distribution - 2.10.3.zip)

    The README.txt and FAQ.txt files contain instructions for use.

    In the future, I think to put an admin panel on localhost for easier adding / managing virtual hosts.

    I will gladly accept criticism, feedback, suggestions, as well as help.

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