Kitchen Product Indicator

    16.93 KBWithout even knowing German, it is easy to guess that the illustration shows an indicator of the presence of the necessary products at home (1938, according to the source). A placard is hanging in the kitchen. Roast meat, use up the last oil - snapped the regulator. He poured the last sugar into the sugar bowl - the regulator snapped. Gathered for food - looked at the scoreboard - it is immediately clear what is needed and what is not. In my opinion, a good solution allows you not to think about this still important problem =). And when you are going to cook something, with one glance at the indicator you can understand if there are all the products necessary for this.

    And in our century: we buy a second-hand PDA (1000-1500 rubles), which barely moves, but still works. We make a program for him (1-3 hours) of such a scoreboard. We hang on the wall. We use it. Before going to the store, we synchronize the data with the mobile phone / default PDA, which is with us. Or we send a leaflet for printing. How do you like it? :)

    Looking a little wider - you can not only label products like that, but also other more or less limited sets of products that tend to end at the most inopportune moment: toilet paper, cotton buds, dvd-r blanks, etc. By writing the program, we get the flexibility of customization. The main thing is that the scoreboard is very convenient and clear, in any case, in my opinion :).

    I saw it from Oleg Nesterov.

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