My thoughts are my horses. Part one

    Sometimes people have strange thoughts. If this thought is shared with a small company, then very interesting and psychedelic disputes arise. So I decided to share with you one crazy thought. And the first part, because there are many such thoughts.

    Somehow my friends and I drank beer and the following debate arose: how much is a person considered legally competent in terms of his physical transformation? If a person is strong and healthy physically, but sick on his head, then legally he is considered incompetent. Maybe the term is not quite that, but the meaning is the same. Any court finds transactions with such a person illegal.

    But what about a person who is not physically full, but in a healthy mind and sober memory? If a person has no arm, leg, both arms or legs, if the person is bedridden, then he is still considered a person with full legal rights. All his legal acts (real estate transactions, wills, contracts, etc.) are no different from transactions of any other person. The lack of limbs or the replacement of their prostheses does not affect his legal capacity?

    And what will happen if a person’s body is very badly damaged, but the miracles of science and technology made it possible to replace half the body with iron? And what will happen if there is a head left planted on the body of the robot? Will this person have all the legal rights and constitutional rights of a citizen of the country? And if you managed to save only the brain? A beautiful example is robocop. The human brain is alive, but subordinate to the program. And if the brain is not subordinate to anyone, is it completely normal, but in a completely metal shell? Can such a creature be considered a man with all rights?

    And in the end, for dessert: if you transplant the brain of another into the human body, then whose rights will it have? All biometric characteristics (face, fingerprints, iris, etc.) he left from another. But the brain controls the body! Enough loading? That's not all! And if in the bodies of two people transplant brains from each other ...

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