New Talk Talk Labs Edition Launched

    The other day Google has released a new version of Google Talk, called "Labs Edition".

    Zaret's Garrett Rogers has already talked about her. The new version contains additions, however, some functions have been removed. Among the new features are smileys support, notifications for Orkut and Google Calendar, the ability to create group chats. In cosmetic changes, for example, when you open a chat, tabs appear in the contacts window, instead of opening individual windows. This saves desktop space.

    As for the missing functions, now at the bottom of the window there is no link to GMail, but messages about new letters still appear. The two most missing features are the lack of voice chat and file transfer. It looks like a regression regarding the IM platform. On the other hand, this indirectly confirmsrumors that Google is going to buy Skype.

    Visually, the Labs Edition looks more polished compared to the regular version, but at the same time there remains a sense of incompleteness. Integration with AIM, which is present in the online version built into GMail, is still not supported. This looks like an oversight, many people expected from the new version of integration with the protocol popular in the West.

    In general, this is really a step forward. The main thing to remember is that this is a project from Google Labs. I advise you to just play with the new version for several days to understand whether you need this functionality or not.

    Download Google Talk Labs Edition here . ©

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