Search bot activity: 110 days of observation

    The results of monitoring the actions of search bots for 110 days on one average Russian-language site with several thousand unique ones (4-6 thousand).
    Together, bots visited the site about 1,092,000 times, which corresponds to almost 10 thousand visits per day .
    Interesting observations:
    • Yandex activity is equal to the activity of all the others combined :)
    • Some new search engine twiceler ( is quite active.
      Information on their site in the spirit of "wait, will be soon ..."
    • The public search engine has been commissioned, let's see what happens.
    Data on descending visits: 526,505 285,329
    Yahoo! 174,940
    twiceler 50,672 29,262
    MSN 23,366 2,062

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