Will the astronaut manage to wake everyone on time?

    A spaceship flies to a distant star. The crew of the ship is 101 people. All of them, except one on duty, sleep in suspended animation cells.

    Suddenly, a flying saucer of an enemy race emerges from hyperspace. The duty officer should wake the entire crew as quickly as possible in order to withstand the danger.

    Anabiotic chambers (100 pieces) are located one after another in a long corridor. To get from the i-th to the (i + 1) -th camera, it takes 1 minute.

    At the time of emergency, the duty officer is next to the first camera.

    How long does it take to get out of suspended animation and alert the entire crew of the ship?

    Thanks gimlis, martafey, dab512.Defrosting time for one crew member - 1 minute. Defrosting starts when a special button is pressed, i.e. no time is required to launch the defrost. The crew should move to the end of the corridor. During defrosting, at least one person must be present near the camera.

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