Remuneration during the trial period

    Here, in connection with a job search, I thought about what goals the employer pursues by paying for a cut-off salary for the duration of the probationary period. To save? The question begs - why? And who needs a company that is trying to save on an employee at the time of the device?

    What are the goals of the company paying not 80 thousand, but 77 in the trial period? What is the catch?

    And what are the goals of a company that pays not 80 thousand but 40 in a trial period?

    Not in earnest, I was puzzled by this question. True, I immediately realized for myself that I would not go to work for a company in which the salary in the trial period differs from the main one. The probationary period was given to the employer and employee (!) To take a closer look, so that you could safely leave if you did not agree on something. But I did not see the point in cutting back on sn. Any ideas?

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