Geographical Exhibitionism

    It is well known that it is not so pleasant to travel, as then to show off to friends and acquaintances about where he was and what he saw. But why put this off the bat, now you can travel in Reality Show mode.

    Specially for this, MapSphere startup was created . They position themselves as both an alternative to GoogleEarth and a social network of travelers.

    How it works? You take a laptop, GPS, cellular modem with you, and put more money into your mobile account. Register on the MapSphere.Online website and go on a trip.

    Almost throughout your trip, you can be online (well, apart from some air flights and trips to the center of the earth). Using the MapSphere client, you broadcast your current coordinates to the server, you can see other travelers, you have access to all maps and satellite images from all possible sources, including Google Maps and Microsoft Virtual Earth. You can enjoy live chat with friends and have the opportunity to have a mobile blog with notes and photos on the MapSphere.Online website. The track of your movements is also recorded on the server, and all your friends will die of envy, watching from your office as you drive along the ocean coast and tell them about the color of the sand on the beach.

    The market for travel and geo-social networks is now experiencing a slight stir. I immediately recall Yahoo.Travel, Loopt, Flicr, MirTesen, VeniVidi and many others. Judging by the serious struggle, this niche is considered very promising.

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