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    The LED lamp industry is growing rapidly, and the lamps are getting cheaper.
    I'll tell you what's new and interesting has appeared lately.

    In the title photo LED lamp with curved filaments. This form of LED filaments allows to achieve a more uniform illumination and make the lamp a little more luminous up than a regular filament lamp. On the left is the radiation pattern of a conventional filament “candle”, on the right - a “candle” with curved filaments.

    Such lamps can not be bought, but in the spring they will certainly be on sale.

    Filament lamps capture the market - they are simple, cheap, look good, have a very high efficiency (up to 125 Lm / W). Filament lamps appeared in the assortment of all the leading manufacturers - OSRAM, Philips, Gauss, Camelion, Era, X-Flash, Navigator, ASD, Smartbuy, Uniel, REV, Jazzway, Feron and others. Ikea is silent for now. :) The

    wholesale price for a 4-watt filament “candle” in China has already dropped to 60 cents, and prices for other LED lamps are plummeting.

    Matte filament lamps finally appeared. This allows you to use them not only as decorative, but also for conventional lighting. Matte "candles" and "balls" of 45 mm are produced by Lisma, in the Uniel assortment there are matte "pears", "candles" and "balls", but in Uniel the matting is more transparent and the threads are clearly visible. Matte filament lamps appeared on the OSRAM website, but I have not seen them alive yet.

    Philips has got dimmable filament lamps, which allow to adjust the brightness from almost zero and at the same time produce light without ripples.

    Other manufacturers with dimmable filament lamps are not yet very good - the same Uniel sells dimmable “candle” with a pulsation at 100%.

    Philips has released a series of dimmable DimTone lamps that change the color temperature during dimming from 2700K to 2200K, imitating the incandescent lamp turning yellow when the brightness is low.

    X-Flash has released a series of 12 volt LED lamps. Such lamps will be useful to tourists, summer residents as emergency lighting from the battery, to those who build lighting systems powered by solar batteries.

    Many manufacturers began to produce very powerful LED lamps with E27 base. Nano-light has 18 W lamps with a luminous flux of more than 1600 Lm, a X-Flash lamp has 22 W with a luminous flux of more than 2000 Lm.

    And I continue testing the lamps - for three days I tested more than 70 pieces.

    © 2016, Alexey Nadyozhin

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