Social networks. Ahead of the planet

    On March 7, when all civilians in Russia congratulated their female colleagues on the “upcoming”, the foreign colleagues from Compete piled on a report on the attendance of social networks of the bourgeois.
    So, the rating of the most visited social networks was compiled - TOP 20.

    The picture is as follows (figures for February 2008, an increase for the period February 2007 - February 2008).

    social networks TOP-20

    The picture is quite expected ... with the exception of the "surprising" increase in Fubar website traffic at 3.272.217% (over 12 months) (first online bar social network).
    Simple arithmetic calculations show that the network was supposed to grow from the level of 202 visits to 6 609 878 visits - really? !!!

    Position 14 is the most talked about on the network. It is believed that the network used “fake traffic using pops bought from spyware dealer Adon” to deceive the statistics of Alexa and Compete, and as you can see, Fubar succeeded (of course, I can’t say that).

    The question for connoisseurs is “how to deceive statistics”, what kind of method was used, if of course it was ?.

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