Netvibes ginger

    I have been using Netvibes for a long time, and yesterday, having opened my page, I received an offer to “upgrade” my version from Coriander to Ginger.

    For those who don't know, Netvibes is a bit of a “virtual desktop.” A personal page on which you can add various widgets, rss channels, podcasts, notifications about new e-mail messages, todo lists, etc. Reminds iGoogle page.

    1. The panel for adding widgets, channels and other things - now not a close strip on the left, but a large retractable field on top. Everything has become larger and subjectively more convenient.

    2. It has become easier to create “universes” - publicly available Netvibes pages, where you can also put your favorite channels and podcasts, various widgets. The set of widgets is somewhat different from what you can add to your personal (not publicly available) page - for example, there is a “wall” on which any user can write you whatever he wants; There are widgets for displaying the status of AIM, ICQ, GT and other messaging clients. The link to go to editing the "universe" is now almost in a prominent place, next to the button for adding widgets / channels.

    3. New widgets. There are many of them, mainly for integration with social networks and Google services. Convenient listeners of Internet radio and podcasts with built-in search, online translators and much more have appeared. Probably a week is needed to try them all)

    4. New channels available from the menu. Broadcasts of the most popular with, podcasts for every taste, various news - all this has become even more.

    5. Activities. There was an opportunity to add “friends”, as in social networks, and centrally inform them of their actions, watch what they are doing, and also view their list of actions (in which add-remove widgets / channels and other manipulations with their page are entered). You can also, for example, report interesting news in your rss feeds (podcasts), and probably some other actions (have not figured it out yet :)

    6. Contact list. In the previous version there was only a widget that allowed you to store contacts, and in the new one, a convenient friends search system appeared. For example, you can find which of your GMail contacts (Twitter, Facebook, and other networks) already use Netvibes, and add them as friends. The widget for storing contacts also remained, and was supplemented with new fields for a more detailed description of them.

    7. Several new themes available now, however, in Coreander Release.

    8. Each widget / channel has an arrow, when clicked, you can add an item to the list of “favorites”, add it to the “universe” (public page), send a link to add this module to friends with one click, or get a code to insert such a blog link.

    In general, a lot of pleasant things that make life a little more convenient.

    UPD: I would be grateful for the description of the innovations that I did not notice in the comments. A press release about the new version of the startup is available on the developers blog.

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