Frequencies that can detonate an atomic bomb, zombify people and help us know the secret of the soul

    In amateur radio there is a special direction - monitoring of departmental radio stations: government radio, special services radios, military transmitters. A special chic is considered to be the interception of communication sessions between the base and atomic submarines in the ultra-long wavelength range - ADD. In the English-language literature, ADD got the excellent name ELF (Extreme Low Frequency - “extremely low frequency”). So ELFs - by this abbreviation we will mean ADD transmitters - are found not only in fairy tales.


    ADD penetrate both the earth and the sea. Therefore, they are used to communicate with atomic submarines hiding at great depths.
    The Russian Alfa-Zeus system (radio transmitting station (nodal) R-161U) operates at a frequency of 82 Hz with narrow-band frequency modulation of ± 2 Hz. Those who understand physics will ask: “How can an antenna with a length of 3658.5 km be placed in Europe?” The fact of the matter is that such an antenna is not needed - its role is delegated to the Earth.

    The NATO Electronic Intelligence Service (RER) has nicknamed the Russian system, sorry, "Penis-Cola." The fact is that the Zeus transmitter is located on the Kola Peninsulawhich in Finnish is called Kola Peninsula. In one of the documents, the secretary of the North Atlantic Department of the RER missed the second letter N from the second word. The remaining letters were removed as unnecessary. And it turned out what happened. “Zeus” is heard anywhere in the northern hemisphere and the main task - to transfer the Kremlin orders to Russian submariners - performs flawlessly.

    Until 2004, the United States had its own ELFs in Wisconsin and Michigan (operating at a frequency of 76 Hz). They closed them because of ... inefficiency. A more advanced HAARP system uses a frequency of 2.2 Hz, the transmitter is located in Alaska. The abbreviation HAARP is consonant with the English harp - harp. And here the Russian RERs humorized, calling the Alaskan ELF a "woodpecker" - in an unprintable sense.
    ADD is also classified because the command to detonate nuclear warheads is transmitted using ELFs - their signals penetrate even through the skin of the rocket. If there is no such command, the bomb will not explode. Reaches the target, falls, falls apart, self-destructs, finally, but does not explode. Although there are two exceptions to this rule.

    From time to time, ELFs broadcast new targeting coordinates, waypoints, etc. Transmission duration is 30 minutes, but strategic sessions are shorter, about 20 seconds. They encoded one of two messages: “Everything is fine” and “Emergency”. In the latter case, nuclear warheads are transferred to a mode that allows the captain of the submarine and the GRU rocket launcher to activate the system of detonation with personal ciphers. An automatic platoon of warheads also occurs if ELFs become silent for a long time. According to the logic of the bomb, this means that there was a nuclear disaster, the communications center was destroyed and it was time to visit the territory of the enemy. I would like to believe that “Zeus” will sing with “woodpeckers,” and freelance pauses or the message “Tovs!” never appear at their frequencies.


    Physicists have long dreamed of creating a universal theory. It even has a name - OTP, the general theory of the field. Einstein and Tesla came closest to this goal. Both used ELFs in their work. Working with ADD transmitters and various modulations, Nikola Tesla learned to transmit powerful energy flows over long distances. From a military and commercial point of view, such studies were of great interest. But both scientists stopped working on OTP and destroyed records on this topic. Einstein commented on the decision: "Humanity has not yet grown." From the mouth of the godfather of the atomic bomb, such words sound in a special way ...

    What scared scientists? The ability of ELFs to influence a person. And, perhaps, going into other dimensions with consequences that caused panic in Tesla and Einstein. Note that Tesla was not only a physicist, but also an esoteric.


    Our body emits ADD in the range from 0 to 500 Hz. The most studied of them are from 2.2 to 10 Hz, in this band there is a peak in the electromagnetic activity of the brain. A human instinctive communication with nature occurs in the range of 70-500 Hz. The key point here is 100 Hz - the average frequency of lightning discharges on the earth's surface. If the field strength at this frequency is within the limits that are comfortable from the point of view of genetic memory, the person is calm. Any deviations give rise to either fear of drought or the expectation of a storm.
    The least studied range of ADD is the lowest, where a mathematical paradox is observed: the frequency here tends to zero, and the wavelength tends to infinity. This is where the main human cycles “sound”: from the daily alternation of sleep and wakefulness to the monthly renewal of the female body. The maximum wavelength is characteristic for the full life cycle - from the first to the last breath. Believing theoretical physicists believe that in the range of mathematical paradoxes one can fix the radiation of the human soul. And with the help of correctly modulated ELFs - to influence the fate of a person.


    In the early 1990s in Moscow, ham radio recorded the work of ELF'a, broadcasting at a frequency of 300 Hz. The cycles of its activity miraculously coincided with the turbulent events that accompanied the collapse of the USSR. The modulation parameters of the ELF-300 could not be cracked. And in them was the secret of the influence of the Moscow transmitter on people.
    What is modulation? Here is a simple analogue - music. A disco with a characteristic major system makes the listener want to dance and cheers up. Heavy metal, having a different musical system (modulation), provokes aggression and suicidal moods. And music like playboy mansion with an abundance of bass parts and languid beat rhythms evokes sexual fantasies.
    The effects of music on the psyche have long been known to clerics. Most prayers, regardless of denomination, use a frequency of 7-12 Hz. Why? We will get away from the banal mention of alpha-rhythms of the brain (6-8 Hz). Another is more interesting. At a frequency of 10 Hz, gray matter scans memory in search of patterns - patterns by which face recognition, speech recognition, and interaction with external signals occur. With music, for example. Thus, during collective prayers, the process of searching for patterns is suppressed and the natural reactions are replaced by cult ones. Alas, this feature of ADD is not only used by clergy.


    At the end of 1918, an institute was opened near St. Petersburg, later called NII-15 (otherwise - “Leningrad-15”). Until his death, he was supervised by Felix Dzerzhinsky. The founder of the Cheka / GPU was well versed in psychology and religion, since in his youth he was a zealous Catholic and dreamed of becoming a Jesuit. Formally, in the "tag" they dealt with the problems of psychiatry; really - applied psychology. Here, scouts, commissars, and political workers were trained. Judging by how quickly the Bolsheviks gained power over the former Russian Empire, the specialists of "tag" worked out their soldering in full.

    NII-15 used SDV transmitters. According to indirect data, some of the Tesla-Einstein experiments were repeated here, after which a department of esoterics appeared at the facility. Rave? The fact of the matter is that the experiments of Leningrad have documented evidence.

    In the early 1990s, the White Brotherhood charismatic church, created by journalist Marina Zvigun and microelectronics engineer Yuri Krivonogov, operated in Kiev. According to the generally accepted version, the founders of the fraternity possessed psychic abilities, which made it possible to keep the entire sect in check. However, the examination conducted during the court hearings in the BB case did not establish the availability of such abilities. How then to explain the phenomenon of the "White Brotherhood"?
    The case file says that BB had a third co-founder who left Ukraine on the eve of the capture of St. Sophia Cathedral. The investigation established that at least twice this person visited NII-15. And Krivonogov was experimenting with ADD in Soviet times. Changing the modulation parameters, for example, he learned to evoke the widest gamut of sensations in experimental animals - from orgasm to death. Whether such experiments were conducted with people, the investigation does not know ...

    And the last one. In preparing the article, the author tried to “buy” an SDV receiver on the Internet. The result was unexpected. Pages on which such devices were offered turned out to be blocked. And the professional receivers that fell into my hands refused to work at frequencies below 100 kHz. The only exception was the device, unlocked by metropolitan craftsmen and capable of receiving transmissions at frequencies from 30 kHz (this is the formal beginning of super-ADD). Such a receiver cannot catch military signals, but with its help you can control the upper range of ADD. Fans of numerology will be interested to know that one of the ELFs works around the clock. Its broadcasting frequency is 66.6 kHz.


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