About CeBIT

    CeBIT - The number one place for digital business.

    March 4 kicks off the world's largest exhibition of digital solutions and a platform
    for global conferences.

    Opening hours
    From Tuesday 04 to Sunday 09 March 2008,
    daily from 09:00 to 18:00

    Exhibition Complex in Hanover

    Entrance fee
    One-time ticket pre-sale 33.00 EUR
    at the ticket office 38.00 EUR A
    reusable ticket pre-sale 71 , 00 EUR
    at the ticket office of the exhibition 81.00 EUR
    One-time discount for schoolchildren, students 17.00 EUR
    (only at the ticket office of the exhibition) for disabled people 17.00 EUR
    Ordering tickets online from January 2008: www.cebit.de/tickets_e

    Sections of the

    Business Solutions exhibition
    Here you will find digital solutions, for example, from the field of software
    products and services, consulting, banking, finance, as well as the Park of the
    Public Sector Solutions
    This section introduces you to IT-based technologies and
    management modernization solutions.
    Home & Mobile Solutions
    Innovation and the whole chain of solutions and products await you here, for example,
    for home multimedia, telematics, navigation, Voice over IP telephony.
    Technology & Infrastructure
    This section presents the basic ITK industry topics of interest to
    all, such as networking technologies and new networking solutions
    operators and providers.
    Additional opportunities for international communication and an
    information platform are provided to you in the form of
    expert presentations , exchange of experience with reputable experts, industry
    conferences, podium discussions, forums and special events.

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