Once again about the Chinese light bulbs: everything is very bad

    I have already written several times that, for unknown reasons, there are no good LED bulbs in Chinese online stores. Not at all.

    Moreover, almost all decent LED lamps, which can be bought in Russia, are made in the same China.

    Once in the comments to my article about bad Chinese light bulbs, one of the commentators wrote: “I took this 5w to my father . He has 15 pieces in the chandelier. Satisfied above the roof and even asked for 15 pieces. ”

    I did not spare five dollars in blood and decided to check by ordering two light bulbs.

    The first is 5W 5B-E14 for $ 1.9.

    We measure parameters using the Viso LightSpion .

    Instead of 5 watts, we have actual 2.3 watts. The light bulb gives you just 171 Lm - approximately, like a 20-watt incandescent bulb. The lamp has a terrible color rendering index (CRI) - 63. Even the worst lamps sold in stores have a CRI of more than 70, and a CRI of more than 80 is recommended for lamps used for lighting residential premises. Light pulsation is 34%.

    The second bulb is 9 Chinese watts - 9F-E14 for $ 3.04.

    We measure.

    Instead of 9 watts, three times less - exactly 3 watts and the light gives this lamp even less than the first - only 151 Lm - approximately, like a 15-watt incandescent lamp. The color rendition index is no less terrible - 63.5, although the pulsation of light is only 2%.

    When disassembling this light bulb, it was found that the manufacturer forgot to smear the thermal paste on the board.

    The Chinese seller does not report the main parameters of the lamp - the luminous flux, the color rendering index, the coefficient of light pulsation, and the color temperature indicates not exactly, but as a range.

    The only accurate parameter that the seller indicated is power consumption. And here the buyer is cheated several times, or rather, more than twice with the first lamp and three times with the second.

    Such lamps can be put only in the refrigerator, and even then they will not fit in size.

    Once again, I strongly recommend not to buy lamps in Chinese stores. There are no good lamps.

    When buying lamps, I advise you to pay attention to the following things:

    1. On the lamp packaging, the luminous flux in lumens (Lm, Lm), the exact color temperature value (not the range and not the words “warm / cold”), the color rendering index CRI (Ra) should be indicated. Well, if it says "no ripple" (no flicker).

    2. On the packaging of the lamp should be a barcode (this is a sign that the lamp is made in a large factory and sold in stores).

    3. The package must specify the warranty period and the longer it is, the better (there are lamps with a warranty of 1, 2, 3, 5 years). If the lamp has burned out, it can really be changed in the store without any problems.

    ps And let's do this. If you are still sure that there are good lamps in Chinese stores, I can check it out. I am ready to order for my money 5 lamps with a price of up to $ 5 per each (including shipping costs), test them and publish the results. Give in the comments links to those lamps that you think are good, and you want me to test them. From one person no more than one lamp.

    pps I have tested over 1000 LED lamps. All results on lamptest.ru

    © 2016, Aleksey Nadezhin

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