Next Generation Mobile Computer

    At the Microsoft Next-Gen PC Design contest, the finalists were determined . It does not make sense to list everything (although there are plenty of interesting ideas there). I will dwell on one - a laptop PC called Momenta PC. Everything is conceptual in it. Starting from the appearance and method of use and ending with the operating system (meaning Microsoft SLIM, which is not yet in nature).

    Externally, Momenta PC is a stylish cyberpunk ... collar. Moreover, the designers thought out options for both “for boys” and “for girls”. But the point is not in the design and not even in a very pretty appearance. And in the very use of a mobile PC.

    As conceived by the creators, Momenta PC will be able to work with the Internet and e-mail anywhere, using a virtual screen projected onto any flat surface and a new interface that uses gestures. However, if there was any device with Wi-Fi nearby, then you can also connect to it, since the designers provided for the wireless interface module.

    In addition, Momenta PC, allows using the built-in camera to record video. Moreover, he will do it on his own. As soon as the user's heartbeat increases, the computer will automatically turn on the camera so as not to miss “that very moment” - a funny joke, the first smile of a child, a chic car sweeping past or a chic girl passing by again. The calculation that while we figure out that “it would be nice to shoot,” the moment may be missed. In the case of the Momenta PC, which automatically shoots everything that excited the user on a video, a wagon and a small trolley of all kinds of differences that make up our life can be saved “for posterity”.

    There is, of course, no detailed technical information about the Momenta PC. But hereYou can carefully study all the design ideas that can be implemented in this PC. If at least someday they will undertake its development.

    via Gizmowatch

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