How Internet operator Corbina Telecom was deceived for 193 hours

    Corbin’s billing works according to the following scheme (I'm talking about unlimited tariffs). There is an amount in the account equal to the monthly subscription fee of the selected tariff. It is spent, money is debited almost online. While the balance is in the black, you can report money to the account (for example, 150 rubles each - it’s enough for me for 5 days). However, if you did not manage to make the money and went into minus, then you need to pay an amount equal to the monthly subscription fee of the selected tariff, so that the system allows you to use the Internet again.

    Just today, the situation with me got a denouement. It consists in the fact that my money ran out on the night of 14 to 15. That same night I paid, but was late by less than an hour. Since the system, in this vein, is automated, it blocked my account. But here the most interesting begins. The vpn session was active when the system blocked my account. As the technical support service explained to me, the system does not break this session, but waits for it to end at the initiative of the user. My session did not end with 193 hours. Against the background of the fact that a couple of days at Corbina the statistics server worked badly, or even did not work at all, and I did not receive mail reports from the robot that I was running out of money on the account (well, this is understandable, mine the account has already been blocked) - I just found out about the situation. Thus, the miscalculation of Corbina, in ruble terms, amounted to approximately 240 rubles. Of course, it’s not at all the money that you can worry about (both for me - the user, and Corbin - for the operator), but a miscalculation on the face.
    To Corbina's credit, they didn’t write off money from me.

    If there is someone working in Corbin, I’m ready to merge additional information in PM (contract number, etc.)

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