Understanding Solaris Releases

    I noticed that for many people starting to work with Solaris, it’s quite difficult to understand the existing releases and versions of this OS, which often leads to difficulties in mastering its capabilities. Therefore, I will give here a brief description of each of the options.

    »Solaris 10 is the most stable Solaris release available today for industrial use in productive environments. Available for download on the Sun Microsystems website. Comprehensive support is provided for him, patches are released that fix errors and security problems. Since the release of the first version of Solaris 10, several updates have been released containing new functionality and bug fixes, a list of which and a brief description of the changes can be found here. These updates are released on average once every six months and are named by numbers and also by the date of their release (for example, at the moment the latest is update 4 - it is 08/07).
    »Solaris Express Community Edition (SXCE) - also called Nevada, it is a distribution based on the latest developments, which in the future will turn into Solaris 11. New versions come out quite often and are named by build number (currently the latest is 81). The main goal of Solaris Nevada is to develop and test new functionality. Freely available for download at opensolaris.org
    »Solaris Express Developer Edition (SXDE) is a binary distribution based on SXCE that has passed the testing phase and is supported. Designed primarily for developers. Releases occur much less frequently than SXCE and are named by release date - the last at the moment is 1/08. Available for download on the Sun Microsystems website.
    »Open Solaris - is not a full distribution, but is an open OS kernel and a set of basic utilities. It does not contain many system components necessary for operation, and the installer, therefore, it can only be installed on top of SXCE / SXDE (which are themselves built on the basis of OpenSolaris). Quite often binary assemblies appear. Available for free download at opensolaris.org and the Sun Microsystems website. It is worth noting that the process of porting new features from Open Solaris to Solaris 10 is constantly ongoing.
    »Solaris Indiana is an OpenSolaris-based distribution aimed at using as a desktop. At the moment, the latest version is Developer Preview 2, made in the form of a LiveCD. Available for free download at opensolaris.org. Perhaps in the future, Indiana will replace the Developer Edition.
    »Other distributions built outside of Sun based on OpenSolaris. It is worth noting Nexenta and Schillix as the most successful.

    http://blogs.sun.com/SFilipp/entry/solaris_ happens_different

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