Almost the hero of our time according to Esquire

    The February issue of the Russian version of Esquire magazine, among many other interesting things, contains an auto interview with the most successful and famous domestic cybersquatter Denis Gledenov. The story of Denis, now the owner of 16,000 domain names, among which even visited at one time, is shocking (many - unpleasantly) with the sincere clarity of presentation of the idea that the capture of promising domain names makes Runet better, stronger, more lively.

    “A couple of times I was reproached with the fact that I was supposedly doing bad business - an unethical business. But if not for me, then many would never have been able to acquire a good, interesting domain. Instead, I was registered by some stubborn man who does not have money to develop a domain - who would benefit from this? Cybersquatters owe merit to the development of Runet. ”

    After such words, the story that the work of the squatter requires spending 15-20 hours at the computer every day, not to tear yourself away from the laptop even on vacation, simply cannot but arouse sympathy ... is it not?

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