Candidates, speak evenly!

    In democracies, debates take place before serious elections, and respondents must make sure they make the right choice. We spit on this thing. Yes, with such force that even the main protege, the hope of the whole country (!) Can afford not to participate .

    It remains to watch how it goes with them. The media legislator for smart, state-of-the-art data visualization tools by the New York Times introduced the following: a debate analyzer. With a complete transcription of replicas, their order, the number of words. The search is perfectly implemented - the presidential candidates talked about 19 minutes about the war, and only 56 seconds about the world.

    It’s probably cool to have a political system where each candidate speaks an average of 11 minutes, and the standard deviation is only one and a half minutes. And not an ass . The rest of the blog

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