In the framework of the project "Science is not flour" Sergey Bugaev "Africa" ​​will arrange an art history battle with the scientific world


    The publishing house "Peter" in the framework of the project "Science is not flour" on November 16 at 19:00 (St. Petersburg, "Bookvoed" on Vosstaniya - Ligovsky Prospect, 10) will hold an interactive multimedia discussion on the theme: "Science and Art. Development, influence, interaction " .

    For the first time Sergey Bugayev “Africa” - the leading actor in the film “Assa”, ex-member of the “Kino” group, artist, actor, public figure will take part in the discussion. Interactive accompaniment of the meeting will be provided by media artist and composer Taras Mashtalir.

    The opposing opinion in the battle will be presented by the “heavy artillery” of the Piter publishing house: Yulia Sergienko, the editor-in-chief of Computer and Popular Science Literature, and the lead editor, translator Oleg Sivchenko.

    Let's talk about science and contemporary art, about how they influence each other, develop and interact. We decompose the topic into molecules and atoms, using two new books as scientific evidence.

    "Law of the jungle". In Search of the Formula of Life "by Sean B. Carroll


    "Dreams of the Earth and the Sky" by Freeman Dyson

    We are waiting for you:
    November 16 at 19:00
    in the “Bookworm” on Vosstaniya
    St. Petersburg, Ligovsky pr. 10.

    Free admission !

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