CSS Sprites: Everything You Knew But Were Afraid to Ask

    Now a lot of things have been written and mentioned about the CSS sprites technique (aka CSS Image Maps). I will not discover America and talk about it meticulously again, but I just want to give a few examples and useful links. And a couple of tips from my own practice.

    The technique itself lies in the fact that we create a combined image from which we then “cut out” using the properties the background-positionpiece we need in this case. At the current level of browser support (I believe that 99.9%) it is simply a must-have for any self-respecting Internet resource (because it allows you to reduce the number of requests to the server, separate the behavior from the presentation, put the work of animation on the CSS browser engine, and not on the JS engine, i.e. this will work even with scripts turned off, and many, many other "goodies"). But first things first. Go.

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