Toshiba Retaliation: 50% Reduced HD-DVD Prices

    In response, after Time Warner announced that it would release films in HD only on Blu-Ray, Toshiba from the Red Camp reduced the price of HD-DVD players by 50% . The recommended retail price for the HD-A3 is $ 149.99, the HD-A30 is $ 199.99 and the HD-A35 is $ 299.99. With every purchase of an HD-DVD player, 5 HD-DVD discs are offered for free.

    At the same time, set even lower prices - $ 135, $ ​​175 and $ 280, respectively, which may well mean a desire to quickly get rid of illiquid goods.

    Given the general market confidence that Sony / Blu-Ray has already won this “format” war, the cautious and indecisive stance of other companies from the red camp, rumors in the press that Paramount and DreamWorks can go over to the blue side, this step is hardly what Something will give.

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