Usability War | Fight first

    I recently promised a series of anti-usable posts . Under the glorious cause, it was supposed to devote a special heading “ f * ck ui ”. Later, I decided that the name is crude, inappropriate and crookedly revealing the idea. We are not fighting “ just ”, but to the glory of non-triviality and pickiness , right?

    So meet! The “ ui-fantasiacolumn : fantasies on near-interface topics, perverted usage logic, depression and humiliation for the average dumb user, abstraction of color codes, and much more.

    I'll start with a series of standard interface elementsmutated and changed in accordance with my visual laws. You just have to find the logic you saw, guess what exactly was meant and why:


    All interesting versions are welcome. Here and there .
    PS: there will be published a visual solution .

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