System Administrator Training Institute

    I agree that this is retro, but many could miss this masterpiece of thought :) Yes, and now there will be where to find it again.

    First grade

    The study of the concepts and principles of operation of teapots, coffee makers, coffee grinders, televisions, cell phones and conventional phones, theory and practice of working with a soldering iron, exercises with a soldering iron in motion and in line, practical night exercises with an oscilloscope, disassembling and assembling a computer of any configuration for the test time from any available parts (where you steal the inaccessible, the teachers don’t care).
    Obligatory physical preparation: running on stairs and rough terrain with a full calculation (system unit, power supply, monitor, laptop, 2 mice, Klava, 55 disks, 100 m twisted pair cable, connectors, crimping tool and, just in case, trench), crawling in plastunsky in confined spaces.

    Second course

    Dos, Windows, Unix, Linux, OS / 2, FreeBSD internally and externally. Installation, configuration, creation of servers and workstations, creation of individual workplaces and global office systems, common accounting services around the world and local underground command centers, automation of exchange exchanges and satellite tracking systems, information security systems and, in the case of unauthorized access, automatic adequate nuclear retribution. The study of all paid and promising office applications, available and possible in the future accounting and banking programs, the solution of applied problems in taxation, labor and criminal law. Computer and economic espionage and counter espionage. Passage on knowledge of ports subject to a mandatory hangover and three-day wakefulness.

    Third course

    Programming in possible (created and promising) languages. Creation of home pages, sites and portals, programs for managing banks and nuclear power plants, refrigerators and electric shavers. The exam is taken orally, the examiner speaks a programming language (at the choice of the teacher). To revitalize the exam, it is recommended to use drawings and sketches made in Auto-, Mat-, Archi-cads, painted in Korel and Photoshop and preferably animated in at least three different 3D applications. As a practical pantomime assignment on the topic of object-oriented programming.

    Fourth year in college

    Theoretical and applied psychology (know Carnegie as a charter!), General and special linguistics (all types of slang and argo, fenya, Albanian, elven, orc and accounting languages), theory and practice of pedagogy, teaching methods, developmental psychology, psychology of power, psychology crowds, practical hypnosis and altered states of consciousness.

    Fifth course

    Magic, witchcraft, shamanism, astrology and esotericism, an in-depth study of descriptive, runic, ritual magic. Theology and necromancy. Interrogation and torture skills. A valid ritual around the server and interrogation of a dead, dumb and dumb user.

    Source: folk art.

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