MacHeist II - time to buy

    Today, sales of the MacHeist II software suite have begun . Those who have not yet understood the essence of this action, I refer to the post " MacHeist - Season Two ." Ten programs included in the bundle (aka bundle ) of MacHeist II sell for $ 49, and if you bought them in normal time, they would cost more than 300. Nobody, except the leaders of this action, knew this morning Programs will be included. But I already have operational information, which I hasten to share with you.

    Magnificent ten:
    * 1Password - we store passwords and web forms, I wrote about 1Password in detail a couple of days ago ;
    * CoverSutra- Manages iTunes, a very beautiful interface, integration with;
    * Cha-Ching - we count money in our wallet (you can also in someone else’s if you are well aware of it);
    * iStopMotion - we shoot animated films, for example, with plasticine characters - the program allows you to connect static photos to video;
    * Awaken - if we want to wake ourselves up with music from iTunes;
    * TaskPaper - create simple to-do lists, to-do sheets that is;
    * AppZapper - delete programs with all the guts;
    * CSSEdit - a very cool program for working with CSS, hear * very ;
    *Snapz Pro X - for those who need to do screencasts, that is, a video of what is happening on the screen;
    * Pixelmator is the younger brother of Photoshop.

    Frankly, I was a bit disappointed with the MacHeist II. No, the programs in it are great - the trouble is that I already have normal licenses for CSSEdit, Pixelmator and iStopMotion (I purchased them during the Give Good Food to your Mac promotion ), as well as a license for the Money program, which replaces Cha- Ching, and AppZaper functionality is present in my existing ForkLift. I received 1Password a couple of days ago, but it will not be updated.

    There remains TaskPaper, an overview that you can find on Maxspoon, CoverSutra and Snapz Pro X. I was going to buy some kind of program for creating screencasts, but Snapz Pro X - the most expensive program of this type - there are iShowU and Screenium , both of which cost $ 20.

    A normal person (and especially an economist, whom I should seem to be) would come to the conclusion that you should not buy MacHeist II. But for some reason it seems to me that I will buy it. Which I wish you too.

    PS Moreover, according to the experience of MacUpdate it can be assumed that over time new programs will be added to the set.

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    Dear habralyudi, will you buy MacHeist II?

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