In the air: My home is always with me

    When traveling to a picturesque corner, people often think about getting their own home there. But if the desire for a change of place does not allow you to enjoy the familiar view for a long time, one of the solutions is to buy a motor home, at the same time a means of transportation and a comfortable home for recreation. Traveling in motorhomes is popular in Europe. In today's Russia, rest on wheels has not gained mass popularity, but as the necessary infrastructure appears, this gap can be filled in a short time.

    Technique and fiction

    The motorhome market is mainly represented by foreign models. Motorhomes are produced on the chassis of well-known automobile brands (Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Fiat Duсato, etc.). According to Andrey Leshin, the owner of Auto Travel, the entire list of motorhome manufacturers takes from 45 to 105 lines. Of these, Europeans - Adria, Burstner, CI (Caravans Internasional), Chausson, Dethleffs, Eura Mobile, Fendt, Hobby, Hymer, Knaus, LMC, Rollerteam, Tabbert and others. Statistics show a high demand for motorhomes: in 2005 in 80,237 of them were sold to Europe.

    In Russia, the figures are much lower. According to Evgeny Levinskaya, Marketing Director of Hymer’s representative office in Russia, more than 100 motorhomes have been sold since the company appeared on the Russian market in 2003 and to this day. The company “Kupava World” noted that unit sales account for unit sales. Among the buyers are not only individuals, but also organizations.

    For example, GAZeli-based Kupava-3780 motorhomes were acquired by the Shapito Circus, Mosfilm, and TRITE Studio by Nikita Mikhalkov. The production of motor homes was established in Belarus, having purchased technology and equipment for this purpose in Europe, and the chassis from the Russian GAZ-3302.

    In integrated type motor homes from serial vehicles, only the engine, transmission and suspension are used. The cabin is combined with the living space of the motorhome. Integrated motorhomes have excellent maneuverability and high-speed characteristics, they are distinguished by luxury in the interior. In semi-integrated homes, the living compartment is mounted on the chassis of a production vehicle. Due to the lack of an alcove in the residential building (a niche above the cabin where a berth is equipped), as provided for in alcove mobile homes, the car has lower maneuverability and speed characteristics at lower fuel costs.

    Manufactured motorhomes also differ in size, gross weight, number of berths, engine size, tank capacity for drinking water and other indicators. One of the most compact models - Hymer Van (based on the Ford chassis) belongs to the Hymer family of motorhomes. Length - 597 cm, width - 207 cm, and height - 275 cm. As standard, the car is equipped with airbags for the driver and passenger, ABS and reinforced tires. True, only two people will be able to embark on a comfortable journey on this car.

    The Kupava-3780 motorhome is also one of the most compact models: its dimensions are 630 × 220 x 277 cm. But unlike a German motorhome in Russia, depending on the model and configuration, two to five people can travel.

    The Hymer B-Star-Line concern's model range, available on the Mercedes Sprinter 316 chassis, includes five models from 639 to 740 cm long. Burstner motor homes on the Fiat Duсato 18 chassis have a length of 685 to 821 cm and can comfortably accommodate from four up to six people.

    Motorhomes are equipped with different power motors. In the base "Kupava" one of the most low-power ones is installed - only 95 liters. from. In the Ahorn Camp TF 620 caravan on a chassis from the Ford Transit 350 - 115 liters. with., and in the model Ahorn Camp M 690 on the chassis of the Mercedes Sprinter 313 - 156 liters. from.

    Sim-sim, open up!

    According to Andrei Leshin, mobile homes, like hotels, are rated by the number of stars - from one to five. What class is the motorhome chosen, so will its interior. Some models have up to 160 types of various layouts and layouts, and several dozens of types of fabric and leather are used for decoration.

    The inner space of the caravan is like a very small apartment, where every centimeter of space is functional, but everything as a whole looks homely.

    In the Kupava caravan, the atmosphere is rather ordinary, reminiscent of an inexpensive hotel room. The basic set includes a kitchen unit including a gas stove, an autonomous water supply system of 50 liters with heated water and a small refrigerator of 70 liters. In the bathroom there is a washbasin, a shower with a tray and a toilet. In the living room there is a built-in wardrobe with mezzanines, a luggage compartment. Sleeping places are transformed into a table and sofa for sitting. Optimum temperature conditions are provided by air conditioning and heating system.

    KUPAVA 3780 based on the GAZ 3302 chassis

    Hymer Van Salon - this is exactly the apartment. A dining group with a sofa and swivel chairs, a cross bed at the rear of the motorhome, a spacious luggage compartment and a wardrobe, a transforming shower cabin is built into the bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove, fridge, sink, a supply of clean water - 80 liters. In the cabin there is a ventilation hatch, a heater with a built-in boiler for 12 liters of water. There are mosquito and blackout blinds on the windows and doors.

    The more luxurious B-Star-Line range is characterized by a spacious wardrobe, special sections for luggage storage, increased thermal protection of walls in the cabin, and a 130 l tank for drinking water. Furniture upholstery is made to order from 17 options, including two types of leather.

    The most prestigious mobile homes are Hymer S-Class models. An analogue is the suite of a 5-star hotel. All motor homes are equipped

    with height- adjustable seat belts and airbags for the driver and front passenger, spacious luggage compartments, heated rear-view mirrors, drinking water tanks with a volume of 120 to 160 liters, two storage batteries for the living compartment and one starter, as well as heaters designed for water heating with underfloor heating, air heating and water heating and heating the driver's cab. In such a house you can comfortably travel in the summer and winter.

    The standard equipment for the S-Class motorhome includes a 17-inch LCD TV. The kitchen is equipped with a gas stove with three burners, an oven, a powerful hood, a 150-liter two-door refrigerator, a sink, a retractable bar with mounts for glasses and bottles. But the dishwasher is installed only on special order.

    Who can afford it?

    “Kupava-3780” in the basic configuration costs about $ 17,000, but there are more expensive models. Prices for European motorhomes are much higher. At the same time, as the dealer network of companies selling high-quality goods increased, it became possible to buy motorhomes on credit. Currently, only Hymer in Russia has six authorized dealers. Three companies operate in Moscow (Caravan Center, Quimper Center, Comtransavto), one each in St. Petersburg, Ufa and Yekaterinburg.

    A popular caravan model in Russia is Hymer Camp Classic, an alcove caravan. In the West, B-class motor homes are better sold. This is due to the fact that abroad this type of recreation and travel has existed for many years, and Europeans value travel and comfort and quality. For example, the Ahorn Camp TF 620 model, designed for four people, costs about 48,000 euros on a Ford Transit chassis (115 hp engine). A representative of the same model range Ahorn Camp TF 690, but designed for seven people, is sold for 52 970 euros. Ahorn Camp M 690 motorhome on a Mercedes Sprinter 316 chassis with an engine capacity of 156 liters. with., designed for six, costs about 60,000 euros.

    Prices for motor homes of the Bursher Elegance model range on the Fiat Duсato 18 chassis exceed 80,000 euros. According to Andrey Leshin, the most expensive middle-class motorhome (integrated body type), taking into account all customs duties, costs 150,000 euros.

    All exclusive motorhomes are made to order, like yachts. S-class caravans on a Mercedes chassis cost about 200,000 euros. On the Russian market, depending on the configuration, the cost of the S-class “hyrummobile” can vary from 180,000 to 250,000 euros. The most expensive house in the luxury series - Niesmann-Bieshoff costs from 500 000 euros. But in Russia he is not represented. In general, the prices for Luxury Bus can reach up to 2.5 million euros.

    Rental house

    But buying a motorhome is not necessary. It can be rented. Rental services in the capital alone are provided by several companies. According to the Hymer representative office, the positive dynamics of demand for motorhomes in Russia is also evidenced by the fact that this summer there was a line for renting motorhomes, the entire rental fleet was in demand. According to Levinskaya, only one metropolitan dealer of Hymer, who opened the rental of motor homes, from April to May issued a lease for more than 200 people.

    Rental rates are closely tied to the seasons and rental period. For example, in Auto Travel in the high season during the summer months, renting a camper van, where four people can comfortably travel for 3-11 days, will be 180 euros per day. In the middle season (April - May and September) a rental day will cost 145 euros, and on the low (from January to April and from October to January) - 125 euros. You can rent a Russian motorhome at Mir Kupava, the rental conditions are discussed individually.

    The minimum cost of one day rental from authorized Hymer dealers is 160 euros. For example, in the Caravan Center company, a Hymer Exsis caravan for four for a period of three to seven days will cost 180 euros, and from 15 to 30 days - 160 euros per day. The price includes CTP insurance and CASCO with a deductible, compensation for possible minor repairs caused by normal wear and tear on the way. But the route of the proposed trip must be previously agreed with the rental station.

    In Europe, where an extensive network of rental car rental companies has been created, rates are at least a quarter lower than in Russia. For a week's use of a comfortable means of relaxation, on average, they will take from 450 to 1200 euros.

    Getting a car rental in Russia is easy. For example, in the Auto Travel company in the winter and off-season, the order is carried out in two weeks, and in the summer - for four weeks. The cost of booking is 20% of the rental amount. Collateral amount - 30,000 rubles. Hymer dealers have practically no different conditions, but the deposit is 500 euros.

    In Russia, only a person over 23 years old and having a driving experience of at least two years can rent a motorhome. A category B passport and driver's license will be required. For comparison: in different European countries there is also an age limit of 21-25 years, and the required driving experience is 1-3 years.

    Where to stay?

    Western Europeans have long appreciated the benefits of traveling in specially equipped motor homes. Currently, in 17 countries, including Germany, Italy, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands and others, there are about 950 campsites, where they are ready to park and provide thousands of caravans with everything necessary.

    Campings, like hotels, have their own classification. For example, camping on the territory of the Santalahti recreation center in southern Finland is a 5-star. There is a cafe on the landscaped area, household buildings with a sauna and laundry have been erected. The canopy areas are equipped with a grill, and a children's playground is organized. Electric sockets are connected to the parking lot, there is a connection to cable TV and the Internet.

    The 3-star Camping Rastila is located in the eastern part of Helsinki, 12 km from the city center. Camping services are used year-round by tourists from other countries, part of the route of which is a visit to the Finnish capital. The territory provides 165 electrified parking spaces for mobile homes.

    Leading positions in the number of existing campsites are Germany, Austria and Italy. For example, in Italy, 12 km from Naples, in a pine grove there is a tourist center, which includes a recreation center for local and foreign tourists and a camping area with extensive equipped parking. On the territory there is a restaurant, several bars, rental equipment and inventory. In the evenings, entertainment evenings are organized for all vacationers, and discos for adults and children are held. For animals traveling on campsite, enclosures have been built where you can leave your pets for a while. Nearby is a large equipped beach with a pool, cafes and shops.

    Austrian camping "Arlberg" assigned "5 stars." On the territory there is a parking lot, where next to the parking space there is a separate house with a bathroom. Also, the campsite has a heated pool, sauna, solarium, barbecue area, laundry, restaurant, shops, a playground for children. Cable TV failed.

    Currently, companies selling car campers themselves make up routes for tourists. For example, in November and December 2006, the company “Caravan Center” offers two rallies in Europe. In 22 days it will be possible to visit Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Germany. The trip includes not only rest with a stop at the campsites (“3-5 stars”), but also an extensive excursion program. The route is 7342 km long and costs 1,500 euros per person. Accommodation - from two to six people in one motorhome. The payment includes the cost of visas and parking throughout the route. Food, gasoline and car fees are not included in the price.

    In Russia, the network of campsites is poorly developed. According to experts, of the existing campsites, the majority with a stretch meet the standards accepted in Europe. At best, these are small recreation centers or simply equipped car parks.

    The Russian representative office of Hymer gave only a few addresses where they are ready to receive and service motor homes. So, in Moscow, near the Rowing Canal, Krylatskoye Camping is located. On its territory there is a mini-hotel, restaurant, bar, bowling, billiards, sauna, equipped beach, boat rental.

    There are several campsites within a radius of 400 km from MKAD. The closest to Moscow (140 km from MKAD) is in the Kaluga region, 7 km from the city of Tarusa, in the area of ​​the pioneer camp “Brave”. Territory - an open area on the banks of the Oka, where gazebos, barbecue facilities, a sports ground are built. Motor boat rental services are provided, as well as river boat trips along the Oka.

    Camping "Suzdal" is located in the same city in the Vladimir region, 220 km from Moscow, on the territory of the Alexander Monastery. For tourists there are gazebos, a steam bath, barbecue facilities, you can order an excursion program.

    Two campsites are open in the Yaroslavl region. One of them - "Major Pronin" is located in with. Zasechye, at the confluence of the Pronya and Oka rivers, 255 km from MKAD. On the territory there are a cafe, a bar, billiards, arbors, a bathhouse, a smokehouse, braziers are installed. Provided

    services for rental boats and snowmobiles. The second is located in the village of Nikola (340 km from MKAD) on the Rybinsk reservoir and is called "Sergei Vasilievich." A restaurant with a fireplace, billiards, a bath - this is the set of the proposed infrastructure. Boat rental, boats, fishing tackle, snowmobiles are also organized here. For hunters, jailer escort services are provided.

    In the camping "Upper Volga" on Lake Vselug in the Tver Region (400 km from MKAD), catering facilities are represented by a cafe and a bar. Entertainment - billiards, disco. On the territory there is a football field, a sandy beach, boat, boat, snowmobile and fishing gear rental is organized. Additional services offered in the "Upper Volga" - horseback riding, sleigh rides, snowmobiling, riding lessons, excursions on a motor boat.

    The new hotel and tourist complex "Russian Settlement", where there is a parking for travelers in camper vans, has recently opened in the south of the Valdai Reserve, 360 km from Moscow. The complex is stylized as an old Russian settlement and includes a restaurant and leisure center, where there is a gym, billiards, two Russian baths, a pier is equipped.

    In the south of Russia, in the Astrakhan region (the village of Selitrennoye), on the Akhtuba River, Camping "Cool Beach" operates. On the territory of a mini-hotel, cafe, bar, billiards, smokehouse, bathhouse, catering, boat and boat rental are organized.

    But in order to increase the number of Russians who prefer to travel in motor homes, existing campsites are not enough. Currently, companies involved in the sale and rental of motor homes in Russia are trying to make a difference on their own. As Leshin said, Auto Travel is building a campsite on the shores of the Gulf of Finland, about 100 km from St. Petersburg. This will be the first campsite in Russia built according to the European standard. The goal is "to clearly demonstrate what real camping is and how it is operated."

    Camping will be designed for the simultaneous stay of approximately 50 caravans. An important detail - this camping is specially built for caravaners from St. Petersburg. For guests there will be provided only 10 places. According to Andrey Leshin, the cost of the project is $ 400,000. According to the company's specialists, the camp will fully pay for itself in three seasons and begin to make a profit for the fourth year.

    Parking for motor homes on the territory of campsites operating in Russia is paid. In the Moscow Krylatskoye campsite, a parking place costs 1000 rubles. per day, in the "Russian settlement" on Valdai - 600 rubles. per day, in other campsites the fee is divided into two components: 700 rubles. - for parking and 300 rubles. - Organizational fee, including garbage collection and cleaning services. For comparison: in Europe, parking on the campsite will cost from 14 to 20 euros.

    If there is a lack of equipped campsites in Russia, the solution may be the provision of caravanning services in existing hotels. But the high occupancy of hotels almost everywhere allows their owners not to think about additional services. According to Elena Guryanova, head of the PR department of the Russian Hotels company, the company does not even consider such formats of tourism. According to the expert, parking near the hotel is an integral part of any project of the company, but motor homes are so exotic on Russian roads that putting their service into the concept of a future hotel is economically unreasonable. “We are still working on the existing high demand for accommodation for business flows,” she emphasizes.

    Overnight for a motorhome

    Unlike a solid country house, located on its own plot of land, mobile homes are deprived of a certain place of residence. True, the Hymer representative believes that since a motorhome is expensive, then the person who purchases it has a place to store it. Most often - a garage or a specially erected structure on the territory of a country house.

    In urban conditions, a motorhome can be parked in an open guarded parking lot. Given the size, you will have to pay for two parking spaces. According to Valekh Rzayev, Director of External Relations of Forum Properties Group of Companies, it is unlikely that it will be possible to store a motorhome in an underground parking lot. Even in elite class houses, an apartment usually has one parking place, rarely two. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone will make a choice in favor of a motorhome, rather than a city car. “Moreover, car campers are equipped with special gas equipment for the kitchen, so from a safety point of view they are unlikely to delight the owners of expensive cars parked nearby,” he emphasizes.

    “You can talk about the possibility or impossibility of placing a motorhome in the underground parking of a residential complex by examining the parking plan, as well as the size of the car space,” said Alexei Medvedev, deputy general director for sales organization at M.O.R.E.-Plaza . - For example, in our Ordinary Ordinance miracle residential complex, the minimum ceiling height of underground parking lots is at least 2.2 m, and the size of the parking space itself is 3 × 6 m. Therefore, it is possible, in principle, to place a motorhome on the basis of GAZ. As for the 7-meter car, even if a tenant buys two or more adjacent parking spaces, using such a huge car will be extremely difficult to maneuver in an underground garage. ”

    At present, Russia has not yet created favorable conditions for caravanning. According to Andrei Leshin, there would be more travel within the country if there were no problems with parking places and service at such parking lots. “And this is an elementary connection to the power grid and the possibility of water filling,” he emphasizes.

    And Evgenia Levinskaya noted that a certain brake is the lack of a network of campsites of the European type. At the same time, companies selling motorhomes cannot completely take over their construction, since they do not have land allotments for these purposes. And those who have land resources or the possibility of obtaining land, in turn, are waiting for the market for camping sites to become more extensive.


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