Google effect - fall

    At the initial public offering of shares on the Google stock market ( IPO procedure ) in 2004, a lot of money joined the virtual economy, with the result that even the term “Google effect” appeared in the west. As soon as the stock price took off, some employees started to fool, and bought bicycles for $ 15,000, boats for $ 650,000, of course, services of nannies, analysts, personal psychologists, consultants, etc. Google accumulated more than $ 19 billion of capital from 2004 to 2006, although, according to analysts, this figure could easily have exceeded $ 50 billion.

    Part of the money Google cannot be tracked, for example, in cases where employees left the company and invest in the economy of various countries. In other cases, Google money can be tracked. Interestingly, the “Google effect” has even affected France, in particular, suppliers of delicacies and cheeses Bucheron and Pont-l'Évêque for Google.

    Investments in the information services sector rose to $ 2.4 billion at the end of last year. Not so long ago, Google helped the Chinese advertising company Focus Media Holding to promote Baidu for Google.

    Actually, you know all this even so, but no matter how good Google is, some analysts predict that the “Google effect” is at the stage of decline now, because, despite the increase in the total value of Google’s shares, it’s not so much what was before. In addition, Google has slowed down the pace of new employees.

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