RSS from any page

    The essence of the service is the ability to view updates to any page via RSS.

    When clarifying the fact of the update, the quite acceptable assumption was made that when the page is refreshed, new links appear on it. Therefore, the service collects in a feed all the links on the page for the specified URL.

    The idea of ​​the project came after a regular review of Lebedev's travels (excuse me, who does not like this character). The site has really interesting content, but there hasn't been a feed for a long time (it appeared, incidentally, just recently). The frequency of site updates is unclear, and it’s annoying to go there only for verification. So this service was written.

    By the way, now the official feedthese trips does not coincide with the actual content of the page (the last entries in the feed are late, I don’t know for what reason), i.e. even with RSS on the page, my service fully lives up to its original purpose. Here, by the way, is a link to my feed option from this page .

    The difference from the existing update checking services is that everything works on-the-fly, i.e. all possible stream settings are transmitted immediately in the request parameters, so everything works in real time. Most of the settings for simplicity are made at the level of checkboxes, although there are more sophisticated parameters and filters for “advanced users”.

    It’s clear that such a feed cannot satisfy many needs, but it was originally made not as a grabber of content, but as a tool for checking page updates.

    Well, a bit of "technical" information:
    The link text is inserted in item / title, the link address in item / link, and the surrounding text in item / description (optional custom parameter). Everything to the nearest external tag is selected in the surrounding text in relation to the link being processed, so often the title and description can coincide. The remaining principles of work are on the page of the service itself. - Russian version - English version

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