Google Killer Begins Beta Testing

    The developers of the next-generation search engine Wikia have announced the beginning of closed testing. This project is riveted by everyone because its founder is Jimmy Wales, who had a hand in creating Wikipedia. An ambitious entrepreneur has repeatedly stated that a new project can be just as successful, or even surpass Wikipedia in popularity. Interestingly, the press began to write about the “revolutionary” search engine a year ago, when it existed only on paper.

    Jimmy Wales went to the IRC channel yesterday and reportedlike-minded good news that the testing of the project will begin in the coming days, before the end of this year. At first it will be closed, but already on January 7, the beta version will open to all comers. Just a month ago, 1000 servers were brought and installed in the Wikia data center (in the photo taken on November 30, the servers are unloaded from the truck) - and now the system is ready for use.

    The uniqueness of Wikia lies in the fact that this search engine is based on open search protocols with open source codes, with human participation, in some way copying the Wikipedia model. When the search engine was acquired in August 2007 , the source code for the crawler and other modules was immediately published on the Internet - this is the principle of openness.


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